Slide1He grew up running in a gang and doing things he now regrets.

Lem Mundorf is not the kind of guy you’d pick out a lineup of former gang members.

Although he sports a black hat, his winsome smile and gregarious personality reflect the good guy that he has become.

Lem is the poster child for turnaround stories.


Lem’s father moved his family to Edmonton in 1960 after five previous moves. The next time Lem saw him was 30 years later when he was dying.

His mother raised Lem and his four siblings on her own, in the Boyle Street area.

He grew up running in a gang. Many of his closest friends at the time have since served time in jail as adults for robbery and assault with a weapon.

What made the difference for Lem?


He was spared from a similar outcome by men involved in a church outreach program. They came to his home and asked his mother if she would send her kids to their youth program

The program was in a warehouse on Jasper Avenue and 95th Street. They went every week because they got picked up in a van.

Lem says that they soon got bored and they would disappear whenever the van came to pick them up.

Wally Sczebel, the director of the outreach program, determined to regain their interest. He invited them to a Valentine’s Day party. Lem could  never resist going to a party.


A few years later, Wally and his wife Rosanne set up a summer camp near Moose Lake, Alberta. It was called, ”Teen Time.”

Lem’s mom couldn’t afford the $8.50 for the 7-day camp, so someone paid his way. It was the best investment anyone made for him – his life radically changed that summer. It was there he responded to an invitation to believe on Jesus and become a Christian.

He met the Lord at that camp. He also met his beautiful wife, Karen.


Lem served with the PPCLI where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant. During his service he studied at the University of Alberta to obtain his degree in Education. In 1981 after retiring, he volunteered with the 49th Battalion, The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Association, where he still serves today.

In 1974 Lem and Karen were invited to give back to the ministry by becoming the volunteer Directors of Teen Time. Land had just been purchased to build a ranch for kids. The camp hosted an attractive two-storey lodge facility and summer cabins on a 350 acre site.

The Mundorf’s four children Ryan, Chad, Sarah and Amanda have been a part of the camp ministry since they were born.

Junior High Teacher

Lem had highly respected career as a Junior High teacher and Administrator in the Edmonton Public School system.

Lem says, “I am so blessed to have seen so many young people commit their lives to our wonderful Lord at both school and Teen Time Camps. I have been involved volunteering for Teen Time for close to 47 years. Karen and I have been married for 43 years and we support the Teen Time program.

This year, Teen Time celebrates it’s 54th anniversary of sharing God’s Love with teens. I have been raising funds to renovate the camp site north of Westlock so The Lord can use Teen Time for the next 50 years! God has been good!!”

Teen Time Camps are operated by Teen Time of Edmonton, a registered charitable, non-profit, non-denominational, Christian organization. Teen Time encourages wholesome physical, social, intellectual activities, and spiritual development in young people through recreational programming, social interactions, and by teaching scriptural principles.

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  • adena lowry says:

    It always amazes me how God works in the hearts of his people. It’s inspiring to see people care enough to do something, to act, to show the love of Christ by getting involved in something that will last. What a beautifully encouraging story about courage, leadership (influence), and passion.

  • Janie mendiola says:

    An amazing story what wonderful god we serve. People can really change by god all mighty. Thank you lord. Amen

  • bob jones says:

    I’ve known Lem for 25 years. He is one of those “never-forget-them” kind of people. Genuinely interested in others, thoughtful and encouraging – great qualities of leaders.

  • bob jones says:

    Lem has seen lots of teens’ loves change by the love and grace of God, just like his did. Thanks for commenting, Janie.

  • Evelyn Anderson-Kozak says:

    I always enjoy reading/hearing stories of the changes in people’s lives as they surrender their lives to Jesus. Lem’s story was another reminder of what can be accomplished as one reaches out in love to others with the gospel message.

  • Patrick Johner says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story about a truly amazing gift of God to our community! I taught with Lem a couple years and even worked with Karen at her school for a short time too! Lem had a huge impact on his students and he was loved dearly by his colleagues! Lem always had a smile and asked how you were doing every morning. I hold up my actions as a teacher to, “What would Lem do in this situation?”

    He spoke often of his love of his wife, children, God, teaching, and his service to Teen Time.

    God bless you Lem and Karen!

    Patrick Johner

  • bob jones says:

    Thanks for commenting, Patrick. I passed on your comment to Lem. I know he will appreciate them. God bless.

  • bob jones says:

    Thanks, Evelyn!

  • bob jones says:

    Thank you Keely. Lem has acquired a fan club, which is awesome!

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