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A friend answered opportunity’s knock in 2012, and followed her dream to study medicine in London, England. It meant she had to stop believing she couldn’t cope without friends, familiarity and her usual routine.

In the long run she not only received an education, she found a lifetime partner while in England. They were married in April 2014.

Stopping some things can be the start of something awesome in your life.

8 Things Your Future Self Will be Glad You Stopped Doing

1. Stop putting off the so-called “trip of a lifetime” for another year, because you assume you have another year.

2. Stop delaying to tell the ones you love, how much you love them often enough because you assume there’s always tomorrow.

3. Stop sticking it out in a miserable job and situations because you’re afraid of the risk of stepping out.

4. Stop refusing to reach high enough or far enough because you’re worried you’ll fail.

5. Stop worrying about the trivial to the neglect of the most precious thing you have: moments you’ll never see again.

6. Stop talking of killing time, passing time, and getting through the week, forgetting you’re wishing away the moments that comprise your life.

7. Stop saying “time is money” when in fact the time you have is ALL you have. Money can be borrowed, time can’t.

8. Stop fearing taking risks, unaware that the biggest risk you run is playing it safe. And then it’s too late.

Whatever your dream is, find a way to make it happen.

No one is going to live your life on your behalf. And one day soon – because it’ll seem that way – your candle will burn out.

Let it burn hot and bright while it’s still lit. Let it light fires and set others ablaze.

Life is short.

Live it now.

Live it with all your strength and passion, now.

Don’t keep it in reserve against a day you might never have.

While the ember is still lit, fan it to flame.

Be bold about it.

Now is all you have, and your dreams won’t chase themselves.

What good deed do you need to do today?
What act of forgiveness?
What step of faith?
What prayer should you pray?
What habit must be broken?
What habit must be started?
What call must you make?
What email must you write?
What relationship must you repair?

What dream should you be pursuing so your future self will thank you?

QUESTION: What is it that is keeping you from your dream? What are you going to stop doing today so you can have a better tomorrow?

I write to inspire people to be real, grow an authentic faith in Jesus, enjoy healthy relationships and discover their life purpose. If this material is helpful to you, please follow me.

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  • CD Mayo says:

    This article was right between the eyes! Thank you, Pastor Bob!

  • bob jones says:

    You are welcome. I hope it helps with pursuing your dream, today! God bless.

  • Cynthia says:

    “Stop saying “time is money” when in fact the time you have is ALL you have. Money can be borrowed, time can’t”.
    Thank you Pastor Bob. We tend to forget this fact.

  • bob jones says:

    Glad the post could be a good reminder. God bless you in making the best use of your time today and always.

  • Patricia says:

    Stopping some things can be the start of something awesome in your life. This is true. When one door closes another one opens. You will never know what that awesome thing is until you take that opportunity to find out.

  • bob jones says:

    Patricia, you sound like someone who know’s firsthand what you wrote about. That perspective is a gift from God. Thanks for posting.

  • Janie mendiola says:

    Tank you for this article very interesting.

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