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Jordan Gagnon familyChrista Gagnon is the proud mom of two handsome boys and one precious little girl.

When all of her friends in high school were discussing which programs they were going to take in University and what they wanted to be when they “grew up” she can remember thinking that her one and only desire in life was to be a mom.

Being a mom was the best career choice she ever made.

“I will never forget the first amazing months with my first child. Looking at him and thinking that I had no idea the heart could feel that amount of love for one human being. To my surprise it was the same when Jordan was born and again when Jameson was born.

My love with every new baby was not split – just the opposite – there was much more of it.”

Christa was recently the subject of CTV and Global news specials because of one of her children – Jordan. She shared this story of being a mom at North Pointe on Mother’s Day 2016.

Helpless to Help

Jordan was recently diagnosed with a rare, terminal, genetic disorder – Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN) – that currently has no cure. This is the worst feeling for a mother. We are supposed to protect and shelter our children from harm and in that moment I was completely helpless.Jordan Gagnon4

My heart was so sad that my body physically ached.

For the first few weeks I felt like a zombie – I went through the movements of what I knew needed to happen to move forward.

I prayed every chance I could; I called doctors; we continued with everyday life and work. I had children that still needed me and they were learning from my actions.

Mothers Are Warriors

One day it changed all of a sudden – there was fight in me. I was going to fight for all those moments I wasn’t ready to give up on.

I teach my children that if you are trying to do something and can’t get it done on your own you need to ask for help. “I will help you.”

Well, that’s what I did.

I talked to everyone that would listen – I told friends, family, our church, our community, schools, Facebook – really I mean everyone!

And you know what happened?

People showed up and said, “We will help you.”

Making The Best Decisions

I look at my children and think to myself, ‘I love you more than anything in this world and that is what being a mom means to me.’ It means no longer having control over your own heart, feeling every high and low of these little humans.

Being a mom to me means guessing and second-guessing that what we are doing is right.

It means having faith that I am making the best decisions for them and that they will grow up to be strong courageous adults that will stand up and fight for what is right.

Jordan and Jesus

Faith is the reason that this is not the end of our story.

Jesus has Jordan in his arms and will carry her through this. Every step of our journey, every corner we turn I am reminded to trust and have faith.

I share our story because every step of the way – in big ways and sometimes very subtle ways – Jesus reminds me that He has got this and He will carry us through it.”

Jordan at Jube

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