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Widlene Earle will turn thirteen in a few short weeks. Widlene has seen more atrocities in the first twelve years of her life than most of us will ever see with our own eyes. She has experienced loss and rejection on a level that I cannot ever personally comprehend. One year ago I shared Widlene’s plight in the Dominican Republic. Her adopted father, Vaden Earle – a Canadian missions worker in the DR who first met Widlene on a garbage dump – was working to bring Widlene home to Canada. Read that story here… WIDLENE EARLE: DEAR MR TRUDEAU Over the past year, numerous promises were made by the Prime Minister to assist Widlene. Nothing has been done. Nothing. Scared…

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So which subjects did our readers find the most interesting and engaging in 2017? Unsurprisingly, the most frequented blog posts on our site involved stories of people who are real. And calls to action. #1 RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AT RISK IN CANADA Is Trinity Western University a canary in the coalmine? Bob Kuhn, president of TWU certainly thinks so. On November 30 and December 1, TWU brought their arguments before the Supreme Court of Canada to defend their right to be a faith-based, accredited law school in Canada. Kuhn says “the very essence of religious freedom in Canada” is being threatened. Why I agreed with him. Read more here. #2 MY ENCOUNTER WITH GOD: AKIANE KRAMARIK Akiane Kramarik’s atheist parents were…

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Vaden Earle is a patriotic Canadian citizen, a lifetime humanitarian and a loving father. Recently, he hid his twelve year old daughter, Widlene from the police and had to keep her back from attending school. Widlene and Vaden’s Story Vaden first met Widlene and her mother in the Dominican Republic during a humanitarian visit. They were living as refugees from Haiti. Starting in the 1990’s, Vaden led short-term missions teams of Canadian youth into the DR. He spoke to North Pointe’s young adults in 2000 about his work. He’s a cousin to North Pointe’s Pastor Joey Pilgrim. Be Amazing, Canada! Process #Widlene’s TRP application & #BringWidleneHome @telfordk @AhmedDHussen @JustinTrudeau @DeanAllisonMP   TWEET this out today. When her mother died eight years…

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