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Being a pastor is not something to which I aspired. It certainly wasn’t a childhood dream. By nurture, I’m a people person. By nature, I’m a loner. (My teenage ambition was to be a hermit. Really) I’m like a turtle on a fence post. When you see a turtle on a fence post you know it didn’t get there on its own – someone put it there. My fence post is a platform of genuine love for the people God has entrusted to my care. CONNECTIONS Like most pastors, the most common connections with people happen… on a Sunday in the foyer of our ministry campus, preaching/teaching, praying, supporting volunteers, meeting for a plethora of purposes, participating in community outreaches,…

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There’s been lots of buzz about “busy” being bad. “Simplify your life.” “Learn to say, ‘No’.” “Don’t settle for busy.” Busy, Not Bad I try to follow Jesus’ example in my life. Jesus was VERY busy. Oh yes he was. For example, when his cousin and friend John the Baptist had just been beheaded, Jesus tried to go to an isolated place to mourn, but the crowds beat him there. What did he do? He got busy healing their sick – one at a time – and then he served them all dinner. Only then, in the evening, did he get a chance to be alone. Even that was interrupted. He ends up taking a short-cut – straight across a…

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