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ALISHA’S STORY: 5-4-3-2-1

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Thank you Alisha Jans-Lemoine for this guest post. Your vulnerability and candor are courageous. 5..4..3..2..1.. The count down has started. It actually started 360 days ago, give or take a couple hours. Like the countdown on New Years Eve, there’s nothing to stop it. At midnight the ball drops, everyone sings and we start a new year of hope, promises and resolutions. It starts whether or not we want it to. But we can prepare for it, make plans and be more or less ready for when it arrives. No Warning My ball dropped almost 365 days ago with no countdown, no warning, no notice. I was unprepared in every sense of the word. I couldn’t prepare or sing or…

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Their deaths gutted our world. Each one passed away as a result of cancer and died in our arms. The associated grief was surprisingly intense. It was so intense that I was embarrassed I could feel so deeply about pets – Tammy…Sprite…Silver. They were Goldens and like family. Is that normal? Is it healthy? Am I saying that pets are on par with people? Of course not. The Passing of a Pet Some people assume that pet loss shouldn’t hurt as much as human loss, or that it is somehow inappropriate to grieve for an animal. They may not understand because they don’t have a pet of their own, or because they are unable to appreciate the companionship and love…

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