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Depression is not a choice. Too many suffer in silence. In a war with myself. I have a black dog. It won’t leave me alone. I’m tired of fighting myself. Trying my best to live. A lifelong battle with myself. Will I ever make it? Its OK to not feel OK I am not my anxiety. Mental issues have no color. I will be OK someday. Life is tough, I’m tougher. A day at a time. Recovery is not always straightforward. With support I get stronger. Your story is not over. Fix my eyes on God. I’m starting to make progress. My soul longs after God. The Bible records raw emotion. Not all of the experiences of Bible heroes are…

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“Despite the countless instances I’ve witnessed the power of the Lord – I find myself encountering other head spaces that are filled with lies from the enemy.” Allison Daniels Can you relate to Allison? The truth is everyone faces lies. Everyone. The strong. Weak. Depressed. Believers. Pastors. Truth is life giving. 23 Life Giving Statements You Need To Hear 1. Those who love you are not fooled by the mistakes you’ve made or dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly…your wholeness when you are broken…your innocence when you feel guilty and your purpose when you are confused. 2. “Life is like a piano – the white keys represent happiness, the black keys, sadness….

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I’m 36 years old and living a life that is a true testimony to the healing powers of God. I experienced my first anxiety attack when I was in early elementary school, but it wasn’t until I was sixteen that I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Until then I was labeled as extremely shy and introverted. Lana Berry, her husband Mark and their children Kristen and Joshua are a vibrant part of the church family at North Pointe. Her story of God’s work in her life is shared to offer hope to fellow sufferers. Losing Friends, Jobs And Hope I was bullied throughout elementary and junior high school. Growing up, my anxiety worsened. I lost job after job due…

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Crisis is cathartic – it changes people – for better or worse. The initial feelings of shock’s adrenaline rush wear off and reality begins to settle in. Fatigue, fear, anger, depression are just some of the emotional reactions. How can you survive a crisis? 6 Lessons In The Aftermath Of A Crisis 1) You have off-the-chart potential for out-of-control emotions. It doesn’t matter how patient, caring, and loving you are: severe crisis inevitably uncovers the things which cut to your  heart. Rejection, disapproval, distrust, and abandonment issues are just some of the triggers which can anger you in ways you never, ever, imagined. “I can’t understand it. I’ve never been angry like this before!” is a very common tell-tale reaction…

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Dr. Merry Lin says, “One of the biggest mental health issues I see on a regular basis isn’t depression or anxiety. Its people who are languishing.” Languishing is not the presence of mental illness; it’s the absence of mental and emotional vitality. It’s the “winter of your soul.” The winter of our souls can seem all consuming and never ending. Dr Lin knows what she’s talking about – she’s been through her own winter. How Winters Settle Into Your Soul Focused reflection helped Dr Lin see five things that contributed to the winter of her soul: * Living a life of ignored introspection. * Action valued over reflection. * Rushing through life mindlessly. * Not growing through her hardships. *…

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IQ is a measurable value. EQ is immeasurably valuable. Your EQ (Emotional Quotient) is more important than your IQ. Emotional health is a blessing from God and a powerful resource because the end result of emotional health is love for others. We can’t afford to get that wrong. 5 Things To Stop Doing To Your Emotional Health 1. Stop qualifying emotions as “good” and “bad.” There are no “good” or “bad” emotions. There are emotions. Too often people think of anger, jealousy, resentment, envy, shame, or fear as bad emotions. We feel defective as people of faith when we feel the “wrong” things. Some take the view even further and see these emotions as sin, in that “it’s a sin…

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Why Falling Only Makes Us Stronger

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Overcoming falls and setbacks enroute to success is the stuff of Olympic champions. Coupling that with the influence of a mom on the journey is the stuff of life. Moms and success is why P & G produced their 2014 Olympic ad, “Thank You Mom.” Its already had over 20 million views on YouTube. Each time I’ve watched the video I can’t help but think of how moms have shaped champions through their everyday interactions with their children. In the moment, kids have no way of appreciating the way a mom can allow pain or even bring pain for their greater good. The message makes me think of how God has interacted with my life. (Skip to the video below…

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Depression is personal to me. My cousin died by suicide. She was depressed following her divorce. She never recovered from the rejection and grief. As a pastor I’ve grieved with too many families whose loved one ended their life because they could find no other way to stop their internal pain. Those who suffer from depression may feel like the least understood people on the planet. Too often there is a stigma associated with depression in the Church. I have to take responsibility to end that stigma. Brock’s Story In November of 2013, I was going about my life as a new dad and speechwriter for the leader of a political party when it hit me. It presented innocuously enough…

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