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“There are no words to describe this place.” “This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.” “It was the best money I have ever spent.” Literally carved directly into vibrant red, white, pink, and sandstone cliff faces, Petra is one of those places where descriptive superlatives fall far short of the experience of being there.  The Rose City Twice I’ve been on tours to Petra – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – and I imagine future trips would not diminish its attraction. On both tours our Jordanian guides noted the “Rose-Red City” is a honeycomb of hand-hewn caves, temples, and tombs carved from blushing pink sandstone in the high desert of Jordan more than…

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Eleven days in Israel and Jordan are more than enough to rock your perceptions of the Middle East. Thirty-two of us traveled halfway around the globe to be reminded that it’s a small world after all. On February 8th our team bid a fond farewell to -30C Canadian weather. Sixteen hours and eleven thousand km’s later we were embraced by the 17C shalom of Tel Aviv, Israel. (Scroll to the bottom to see updated photos of the trip.) Milk, Honey and Rocks The landscape was the first to rock our perceptions. Literally. Israel is in a desert. Rocks and sand are everywhere. Even the green pastures surrounding the Sea of Galilee are littered with stones and rocks. Sheep and goats…

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Imagine going back in time to a place that has been unchanged for over 2,000 years. That’s what’s in store in Petra, Jordan and underground in the city of Jerusalem. Take a tour through fifteen photos that capture a myriad of memories. Camel selfies! O, the friends you’ll make. Unforgettable travel arrangements. Take a second look in Bethlehem. No need to look for camel fare. The ride is included. A 2,300 year old gender neutral washroom. The sign says it all. At the Top of the World near Petra, Jordan. Scrumptious and calorie free. Some frankincense with your Pepsi? For Canadians, there’s no escaping the snow…even in Jordan. The good shepherd and his flock. The view from Masada where 960…

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In January 2014, I sat in Row B at IMAX for a one-of-a-kind, 3D immersion into parts of Jerusalem and the Holy Land that most tourists and pilgrims never see. I was hooked. Over the past three decades I’ve always declined invitations to lead a tour to Israel. Not that I don’t revere “the Holy Land” but I never felt compelled to travel there. Now, Jerusalem had become irresistible. Within a week of viewing the film we booked a tour to Israel and Jordan with International Tours. We’re going back again in March 2019 and you could join us. 10 Irresistible Things About Israel and Jerusalem 1. Jerusalem, not Toronto, is the center of the Universe. Jerusalem lies close to…

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