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John Orfino or as his grandson Espen knows him, Geed, is a remarkable man. We got caught up in room 9Y20 at the General Hospital in Edmonton this week where water and ice was his beverage of choice. John has ALS. John And ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegeneration and is rapidly progressive. Classic symptoms of ALS consist of progressive painless muscle weakness and wasting. That’s the clinical definition of a disease that is a devouring beast. Some families call it “a hell on earth.” Two out of a hundred thousand people are affected by ALS. When John told me in 2015 that he was diagnosed with ALS he kidded about being one of the “lucky ones.” The…

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The stories of 2015 that most interested people include the miracle of a preemie baby’s first year of life, finding healing from abuse, courageous faith and a gentleman football player. There were over 85,000 views from 158 countries. See if you were one of the top commentators here. 5. ABBA’S BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER: A TRUE STORYMy home life growing up was quite dysfunctional; I am the youngest of four, and knew from an early age that my mother never planned for a fourth child. My mother was a very heavy drinker and on medication for depression for years. She often threatened to leave when us kids got on her nerves. My father was explosively angry and prone to rage, and I…

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Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? How could you forget the viral video campaign that blew the roof off of ALS fundraising – over $100 million was raised for research. Those efforts could well save the life of my friend, John Orfino, who is believing to be healed of ALS by a miracle and the results of generosity. John is the “2016 Walk For ALS Ambassador.” Watch a video of John talking about how important it is to support the ALS Society. You can support John on Saturday, June 11 by getting sponsors and then walking at Hawrelak Park between 9am and 1:00pm. What ALS Is ALS is no respecter of persons. The ALS Society website doesn’t pull any punches in…

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