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On the day I die the world will be busy. All the important appointments I made will be broken. The “new-to-North Pointe”-er wanting to become connected will be left sitting at Starbucks wondering why. If I were still alive I’d feel embarrassed. So embarrassed. The calendar that organized so many of my days will now be irrelevant to me. My messy desk that haunted so much of my conscious thought will finally be cleared. Material things I guarded will be left in the hands of others to care for. Or sell. Or discard. Jocelyn gets it all. All my incoming emails, SLACK, Instagrams, texts and calls will go ignored. The ambition behind my unfinished posts, tweets, messages, articles and books will be unrequited. Every superficial worry…

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Ask a hundred people who knew Linda Winick and you’ll get hundred and one responses of “her smile” as her most impressionable quality. She left an indelible impact on anyone she met. Linda happily went in with all heart to anything she committed herself to – from 4-H as a child, community work as a homemaker and serving in her church during the last seven years of her life. No other earthly commitment mattered as much as her family – and she had a lot of them to love. Family Matters Next to her husband Wilson, her five children and their spouses and the nineteen grandchildren they gave her, were the apple of her eye. And she was a great-grandmother…

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