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They will always remember the moment the windows simultaneously blew out in their home. Minutes earlier Phil Gifford had been on the roof trying to extinguish what he believed to be a chimney fire. Phil, a volunteer firefighter, was familiar with chimney fires. His wife Tess had smelled smoke and so he used a ladder to get on the roof for a better assessment. NOT OUR HOME It was Thursday November 19th, 2015. Phil started to rip off parts of the roof to to get a better look at the source of the smoke. As he worked, his thought was, “I’m not going to let a fire get our farmhouse.” Tess called the fire department while Phil rigged up garden…

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Freedom is not free. I should not – I must not forget – that peace is won at the cost of precious life. Flanders Fields, not strawberry fields, remind me of that truth. Free nations must do everything to keep the peace. Where peace is threatened by force, it must be met with force. Canada’s role as “Peacekeeper” has been a part of our nation’s pride. That role has shifted recently to “Peacemakers” – fighting to win the peace in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The decision to withdraw Canadian combat support against ISIS is now another change in direction. Lonya D’Orsay is a part of the community of believers at North Pointe. Her husband, Dan, is retired military. He served…

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A Crisis of Biblical Proportions

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Canada is in a crisis, one which most Canadians are unaware. Its not a crisis of cash based on the latest stock market crash. It is a famine. A famine that is more dangerous than a lack of food. It is unfolding in unexpected places – the homes and hearts of Christians. Canadians in general and surprisingly, Christians in particular, have turned their back on the Bible. TURNING OUR BACKS OR GETTING BACK TO THE BIBLE Only 14% of Canadian Christians actually read the Bible at least once per week.  Over 75% of Canadian Christians seldom or NEVER read the Bible. The Canadian Bible Engagement Study of 2013 revealed that: Confidence in the Bible is at an all-time low. Many…

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Crisis is cathartic – it changes people – for better or worse. The initial feelings of shock’s adrenaline rush wear off and reality begins to settle in. Fatigue, fear, anger, depression are just some of the emotional reactions. How can you survive a crisis? 6 Lessons In The Aftermath Of A Crisis 1) You have off-the-chart potential for out-of-control emotions. It doesn’t matter how patient, caring, and loving you are: severe crisis inevitably uncovers the things which cut to your  heart. Rejection, disapproval, distrust, and abandonment issues are just some of the triggers which can anger you in ways you never, ever, imagined. “I can’t understand it. I’ve never been angry like this before!” is a very common tell-tale reaction…

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Being a pastor is not something to which I aspired. It certainly wasn’t a childhood dream. By nurture, I’m a people person. By nature, I’m a loner. (My teenage ambition was to be a hermit. Really) I’m like a turtle on a fence post. When you see a turtle on a fence post you know it didn’t get there on its own – someone put it there. My fence post is a platform of genuine love for the people God has entrusted to my care. CONNECTIONS Like most pastors, the most common connections with people happen… on a Sunday in the foyer of our ministry campus, preaching/teaching, praying, supporting volunteers, meeting for a plethora of purposes, participating in community outreaches,…

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“We knew we’d be OK because you were praying.” These were the words that greeted my wife, Jocelyn, after she was held up at gunpoint in the bank where she worked. When the bad guy came in to the tellers area he picked Jocelyn’s wicket for the stick-up. He was wearing a balaclava and shouted, “Give me all the money!” He sighted a rifle in her face. People started crying. With most everyone else down on the floor she coolly bagged the money. He made his getaway and her co-workers came to her side. One of them told her, “We knew you’d be praying so we felt safe.” Jocelyn told them, “Praying? I had no time for praying. I had…

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