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Words ultimately matter. Plain and simple. Less Is More As a pastor/teacher/writer I am constantly learning. My biggest lesson of the past twelve months? “Less is more.” It’s been a challenging lesson to learn but this trilogy of words is now a guiding light for me. They got me thinking – what else can be said that is meaningful, true and wise in three words? I asked associates, writers and social media friends to share three words they live by. Read through them. Who said them? Made you smile? Got a favorite? Post a comment. 3 Words To Live By I need coffee. Nothing is impossible. Never ever quit. Ideals. Action. Altruism. Eat more sushi. Make a difference. Be a…

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Just write, Harrison. For the love of God, write. This speech needs to be locked in a week and you don’t even have an outline. So write. Like you’ve done a thousand times before. Baby is crying again. Ignore. She’ll get her. You’ve got to get this done. Oh yeah, and it’s got to be good. There will be 1,000 people with deep pockets at this thing. So make it compelling. And funny. And smart. Some inspiration would be good, too. Why can’t I do this? Just write one word. One stinkin’ word. Nothing. Heart pounds. Head spins. Muscles seize. This isn’t going to get done. Walk away. Lie down. Have I lost it? Will I get back? What if…

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There it was. One sentence. Ten words. The perfect time. “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.” The Power Of Timely Words I came across the quote when I needed to make a big decision. W.H. Murray, a Scottish mountaineer, penned them fifty years earlier in his book The Scottish Himalayan Expedition. What he wrote about had nothing to do with what I faced yet it had everything to do with how I could face it. What the words said to me was, “God won’t move until I take the first step.” I knew the step to take. I needed a nudge to get me going. Murray’s words were the nudge. I’ve kept the full quote on…

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If you share freely there will always be more. This radical proposition runs contrary to human nature and dogs with a bone. Writers know how to share. Writers by nature and function are dogged by the call to listen to life and then freely empty their souls of the things they’ve heard. Think of your favorite writer. I wager that they’re you’re favorite because they excel at sharing. The Writers Group at North Pointe  is learning the value of sharing. We help each other become better writers and better people. Read how you can get involved here…“Writers Connect” Writing And Life Anne Lamott  is laugh-out-loud funny and alternately cranky and kind throughout her book, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions On…

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Being a pastor is not something to which I aspired. It certainly wasn’t a childhood dream. By nurture, I’m a people person. By nature, I’m a loner. (My teenage ambition was to be a hermit. Really) I’m like a turtle on a fence post. When you see a turtle on a fence post you know it didn’t get there on its own – someone put it there. My fence post is a platform of genuine love for the people God has entrusted to my care. CONNECTIONS Like most pastors, the most common connections with people happen… on a Sunday in the foyer of our ministry campus, preaching/teaching, praying, supporting volunteers, meeting for a plethora of purposes, participating in community outreaches,…

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A woman was having terrible difficulty getting through the death of her husband. She said to her physician, “Please give me a prescription to help me with my sadness. Every day I go to the cemetery and I put flowers on my husband’s grave, but it doesn’t help. It simply drives me deeper into grief. Please give me a prescription to ease my pain.” The physician said, “Before I give you a prescription, let me give you a suggestion. Instead of placing those flowers on your husband’s grave, why don’t you bring them to the hospital? I have many patients in the hospital who nobody ever visits and if you would visit them and bring them some encouragement in those…

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You know your soul is very significant…you just may not be sure what it means. Good health has everything to do with your soul. In fact, if you could only choose between a healthy body and a healthy soul, I’d advise…pick your soul. Your soul that has the capacity to integrate all the parts – the body, mind, and will – into a single, whole life. John Ortberg’s, “Soul Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You” is far and away the best book I’ve read on the subject of soul care. When your soul is unhealthy your body, mind and will work against each other – your mind believes an action is good, but your body does another….

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Depression is personal to me. My cousin died by suicide. She was depressed following her divorce. She never recovered from the rejection and grief. As a pastor I’ve grieved with too many families whose loved one ended their life because they could find no other way to stop their internal pain. Those who suffer from depression may feel like the least understood people on the planet. Too often there is a stigma associated with depression in the Church. I have to take responsibility to end that stigma. Brock’s Story In November of 2013, I was going about my life as a new dad and speechwriter for the leader of a political party when it hit me. It presented innocuously enough…

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