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Depression is not a choice. Too many suffer in silence. In a war with myself. I have a black dog. It won’t leave me alone. I’m tired of fighting myself. Trying my best to live. A lifelong battle with myself. Will I ever make it? Its OK to not feel OK I am not my anxiety. Mental issues have no color. I will be OK someday. Life is tough, I’m tougher. A day at a time. Recovery is not always straightforward. With support I get stronger. Your story is not over. Fix my eyes on God. I’m starting to make progress. My soul longs after God. The Bible records raw emotion. Not all of the experiences of Bible heroes are…

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I’m 36 years old and living a life that is a true testimony to the healing powers of God. I experienced my first anxiety attack when I was in early elementary school, but it wasn’t until I was sixteen that I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Until then I was labeled as extremely shy and introverted. Lana Berry, her husband Mark and their children Kristen and Joshua are a vibrant part of the church family at North Pointe. Her story of God’s work in her life is shared to offer hope to fellow sufferers. Losing Friends, Jobs And Hope I was bullied throughout elementary and junior high school. Growing up, my anxiety worsened. I lost job after job due…

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“Thanks for writing your piece on depression. It was very moving and it has helped me make the call to go see a counselor. So thanks for helping!” “Thanks for your willingness to open up and share your story. It gives me the courage to maybe one day soon talk about mine. You have no idea what your article did for me this morning.” “If I hear from you, I’ll write my story. I’ve not done that yet: strange, because I am a storyteller and love writing. I guess I’ve just tried to keep this part of me in abeyance.” “I just finished reading your story and it’s left me in a pool of tears and hope all at the…

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Just write, Harrison. For the love of God, write. This speech needs to be locked in a week and you don’t even have an outline. So write. Like you’ve done a thousand times before. Baby is crying again. Ignore. She’ll get her. You’ve got to get this done. Oh yeah, and it’s got to be good. There will be 1,000 people with deep pockets at this thing. So make it compelling. And funny. And smart. Some inspiration would be good, too. Why can’t I do this? Just write one word. One stinkin’ word. Nothing. Heart pounds. Head spins. Muscles seize. This isn’t going to get done. Walk away. Lie down. Have I lost it? Will I get back? What if…

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When I got the call that told me that I had been accepted to participate in the World Race, I was completely shocked. While I had spent the past couple of weeks trusting that God had planned what was best for my future, I had a nagging feeling from the day that I submitted my application that I would not get in. The reason? I didn’t think that a girl with a severe anxiety disorder would be looked at as a viable option for spending nine months living out of a backpack and traveling the world. Simply put, I believed that I was way too messed up.  When you meet Maya Kuipers, the first thing you notice is her confident…

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I once was lost in the woods, like literally….lost in the woods. It was the first winter camping expedition for army cadets, and I was the civilian officer in charge of 30 grunts. I was arriving late into camp with my fellow officer, it was dark, and we were convinced it was the right drop off point to the camp when we asked our driver to drop us off. It wasn’t. Sarah Ball writes with a courageous vulnerability. She is a gifted blogger, speaker, author and a mom of five. Sarah will tell you candidly that sixteen years ago she was living on welfare, abandoned with two children, broken, and lost. Four years ago she couldn’t get out of bed,…

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