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Three things will last forever – faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is Hope – as in Hope Thomas. Hope is the newest addition to the Pastoral staff at North Pointe – and we couldn’t be happier. She’s been a devoted volunteer in NP’s Youth Ministry during her four years of study at Vanguard College. Two years ago Hope was given responsibility for “Anthem 56” – our mid-week ministry for Grades 5 and 6 students. On November 14, 2017 she accepted the full time role of Youth Pastor. Who Is Hope? You’ll hear Hope’s laughter long before you see her smile. And how about that smile? Hope or Hopiee as her besties know her, spent her formative…

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Life can be tough for people at any age, but most would agree that being a teenager is exceptionally difficult. When else can you can wake up with the comforts of childhood, and go to bed with the painful weight of awareness? And who else gets more of a bad rap than teens? These teens were caught in the act. The Quest Four teens set out on a Quest to find buried treasure in Banff. The most incredible things happened as they lead their appreciative audience through a creative script, original songs, laughter and insight to something priceless. Scriptwriter/Producer/Actor – Pastor Jeremy Gifford – summarizes our sentiment in saying, “The amazing team from our youth production this weekend #TheQuest did…

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I recently returned from a mission trip hosted by Centre for Student Missions (CSM) that enabled my team to explore urban ministry. New York, New York was a whole new world for my team of first year Youth Ministry Institute students of Vanguard College. Dia Tomada is part of the family at North Pointe, a student at Vanguard College and serves as a volunteer youth leader in the Anomaly Youth Ministry with Pastor Jeremy Gifford. She shares her insights having just returned from a missions trip to New York City. The nickname “The City that Never Sleeps” became very real, very quickly as we jumped straight into ministry at 6:00 in the morning, a mere ten hours after settling into…

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Josie Cole embarked on the most courageous thing she’s ever done. Here’s her story. Artistic Opportunities As far back as I can remember, my dream of performing, as well as learning about the performing arts, has never failed to shine. With my grandpa being a music teacher, my grandma and mom being dance teachers, and dad and brothers being musicians, I didn’t really have a choice but to thrive and learn. Coming from an artistic family, every minute of my childhood was immersed in artistic opportunities.   With all different art forms in the back of my mind, growing up I had always felt most at home while performing musical theater. From Shirley Temple tap solos, to playing Belle in “Beauty…

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