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Rydon’s parents believe in miracles. They watched their preemie son fight for his life with the aid of doctors and nurses in two hospitals and the prayers of family and friends each breath of the way.

“Thanks again to everyone at North Pointe for your prayers and support. Words cannot describe how blessed we feel to have come so far.”

Looking at Rydon now, you’d never know the journey he’s been on, so read about it below.


Rydon Bouck faced more dire circumstances at 25 weeks old than most people experience in 25 years or an entire lifetime.

On January 13, 2015, Rydon Harold was born to Kolby and Elise Bouck – son #3. Elise had endured a very difficult pregnancy, including fourteen weeks of bed rest. Rydon was a “micro-preemie.” He weighed 1lb, 15oz.

The Boucks were thrust into the life of being “NICU parents” (Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit) Their attitude? “He’s here. He’s safe. Let’s trust God and ride out this journey.”Rydon Bouck birth

His middle name, Harold, was for his great-grandfather who passed away suddenly just after Elise learned she was pregnant. Rydon was the baby of hope who helped carry the family through grief. Now he needed help to get through his first weeks out of the womb.

One Month Young

Since birth, Rydon has needed the help of a ventilation machine to breathe. One morning all of the  machine’s settings were completely maxed out. The nurse treating him appeared somewhat concerned to Elise. “I’ll have the medical team come speak to you as soon as they finish their rounds.”

An x-ray showed that his upper right lung was partially collapsed. His left lung wasn’t looking very good. He had chronic lung disease. His future suddenly didn’t look good.

As a last resort they tried him on a jet machine, which delivers 100’s of puffs of air per minute into the lungs. That machine too maxed out with little change in Rydon’s condition. Further x-rays showed he had developed “Necrotizing Enterocolitis” (NEC) – a bacterial infection that eats away at a preemie’s intestines.

In the most premature babies like Rydon, more than 50% die from NEC.

“Lord, Heal Him”

The next day doctors gave the family three options – all of which had a high likelihood of the same, unacceptable outcome. He vital signs were dangerously low. The physicians were concerned that Rydon’s organs were dying or dead.

Elise’s mother looked over to her and said, “They didn’t give us option four. We’re choosing option four. Option four is to pray to our mighty God. He is an Almighty healer and he can carry Rydon through this.”

We pleaded the blood of Jesus over him and prayed, “Lord heal him. Put new living tissue in him.”

Within two hours of that prayer Rydon’s vitals began to come back. He was weaned off his medication and the jet machine. Shortly after he was well enough for transport to the Stollery Children’s Hospital for surgery.Rydon Bouck transport

When the surgeon saw him he said this couldn’t be the same baby he heard about the day before. “When I hear about babies that sick the outcome usually isn’t very good. Rydon is not a surgical patient.”

After a week in the Stollery he was deemed well enough to be transferred back to the hospital staff who initially cared for him. They were amazed at his condition. “What did they do differently for him?”Rydon Bouck

Kolby and Elise know that their journey is not over. There will be bumps in the road ahead. Rydon has since undergone surgery to remove scar tissue, a portion of his intestine and his appendix.

The Boucks are deeply indebted to the care he has received from the Stollery and the Royal Alexandra hospital staff and the prayer of family, friends and believers.

“We know that God has brought us through. We know that whatever happens He will pull Rydon through.”

Rydon was 100 days old on April 23rd and looking more like his dad everyday.Rydon Bouck 100 days

2015-05-16 19.29.46On May 16, 2015 – Rydon was released from the NICU and went home with his mom and dad!

On August 21, 2015 – “We had a sleep study a couple of weeks ago and the respiratory therapist said that it looked good. We just need to make a follow-up appointment with our pediatrician now to see if we can discontinue his oxygen. He last weighed in at 12.5lbs this week.”

On September 25, 2015 – “Rydon’s pediatrician is impressed with his progress. He is hitting all the milestones that full-term babies do, which the doctor said is rare for preemies. Thank you North Pointe for your prayers.”

Kolby and Elise and their families are grateful for the care they received at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Also to those around the world who are praying for Rydon. Thank you!

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Rydon at 8 months and 12.5lbs.Rydon Bouck at 8.5 monthsRydon at 8.5 months and 15lbs.

rydon bouck2 Oct 2015

As of November 4, 2017 – “Rydon is doing great – growing like ever, running and talking and playing (and fighting) with his brothers.”

Doctors all said that he is growing and developing as expected. There are no concerns with him and we repeat the follow up again in one year.

Everyday he is celebrated as a miracle – a precious gift of answered prayer from God.

CLICK HERE to see a brief testimony video of Rydon’s life from Elise.

APPLICATION: Please take a moment to pray and to leave a comment for Rydon, Kolby and Elise.  Thank you.

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