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opposites-attract1Dating couples always lie to each other. They don’t mean to.

They just want to put their best face forward.

That’s why people who are dating should keep both eyes open before they marry and then keep one eye closed after they marry.

Assessing personality and temperament is one way to keep both eyes open. Assessments aren’t a perfect science but they do provide valuable insight into the people who are closest to you (and why you love’em or not).

Personality Types

1. The Golden Retriever (Peaceful Phlegmatic) is steady, reliable, balanced, content, loyal and carries others burdens, resists change, is unenthusiastic, and can be boring.

2. The Lion (Powerful Choleric) is confident, assertive, competitive, decisive, domineering, independent, self-reliant and bossy, pushy, quick tempered, and a poor listener

3. The Beaver (Perfect Melancholy) is orderly, organized, schedule-oriented, idealistic and their expectations are usually too high, spend too much time planning, and they are not usually people oriented.

4. The Otter (Popular Sanguine) is enthusiastic, fun loving, relational, inspiring, optimistic and undisciplined, speaks before thinking, and needs the approval of others.

16 Personality Combinations

Usually one type is dominant and another is secondary.

My wife is an “otter – lion.”

I am a “golden retriever – beaver.”

Lions make life difficult for Goldens.

Beavers make life difficult for Otters.Personality test

Personality Patterns

5. People usually marry the opposite personality. That which attracts you to each other can become the basis for why you attack each other, the longer you do life together.

6. People make friends with similar personalities to their own. Strong friendships are based on commonalities.

7. People like working with people like them. Work is easier when merely getting along isn’t the focus.

Temperament Types

There are two basic temperaments – introversion & extroversion.

Introversion and extroversion are not about being outgoing vs being shy. Temperament is about how you re-energize. (Shyness is social anxiety, not introversion.)

8. Extroverts are energized by people, or external resources. On a Friday night after a long week of working with people, an extrovert wants to get out and find MORE people to hang out with.

9. Introverts are energized by solitude, or internal resources. On a Friday night after a long week of working with people an introvert wants to stay home and read a book or watch a movie…ALONE or with a spouse (maybe).

Personality And Temperament Are Permanent

10. People do not “grow out” of their personality or temperament. An introvert can function as an extrovert, or develop extroverted behaviors, but they will always be an introvert.

11. People can “grow in” their personality or temperament. Weaknesses can be addressed, but more importantly, strengths can become powerful.

Interested in learning more?

Visit the following sites to discover which type you are.   http://www.personalitytype.com/career_quiz


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APPLICATION: Which personality and temperament are you? Which are your spouses or a close friend or workplace associate? Please leave a comment below.

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