Harvest Time

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harvestIt’s harvest time in Alberta!

The Edmonton Journal reported on September 16th, “Rural Alberta is a noisy, dusty, hectic place these days — and nights — as farmers on combines harvest what’s on track to be a bumper crop. To farmers in central Alberta, this is one of the better crops yields they’ve had in — ever…virtually ideal growing conditions, meaning sufficient moisture and heat at the right times. Not only have heat and rain come at just the right times all growing season, but steady winds this past weekend have also helped hasten the drying process.”

It’s very clear, in the spiritual realm, there is also a waiting harvest.

Jesus said, “Open your eyes, and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” John 4:35 (NIV) Alberta has had “ideal growing conditions” for a harvest of souls:

Moisture – the blessings of God have been abundant in Alberta making it a prosperous province. Now is the time to use our prosperity generously to reach out to others.

Heat – believers in Alberta have been praying for months for this harvest.

Wind – the “wind of the Holy Spirit” is blowing across Alberta in the Alpha initiative and specifically in Edmonton for the WHY book campaign.

Timing – this is the time and we’re ready! Over the next two months, Alberta churches can be “noisy, hectic, places” as we “combine” together.

What can I do?
1. Join an Alpha group and invite a friend to attend with you. At North Pointe there are on campus groups, homegroups, groups for youth and young adults.

2. Facilitate an Alpha group in your home or at your work or school. Call 780-452-5566 for info on Alpha.

3. Help deliver the WHY books in the week of October 12th. Call us at 780-452-5566 to get a route.

4. Pray everyday for open hearts and receptive spirits to the good news of Jesus.

5. Watch for guests on Sundays and be a part of the informal welcoming team at North Pointe. The first contact of sharing starts with a smile and a handshake.

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