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earth light

There is a growing trend away from Christianity in historically Christian areas. Nations once known for sending out missionaries as lights to “dark continents” are now in need of their own deliverance from darkness.

Light In The World

The image above of “earth light” is an evaluation of where energy is being used.

The more concentrated the light, the higher the energy use.

Ironically, if you took the same image and placed on it a “light” for each person who calls themselves a Christian, the map would appear reversed.  Africa, South America and China would be lit and Europe and North America would be relatively dark.


pencils No 2

Lesson From A Pencil

Pencils need to be sharpened to be useful.

Its what’s inside a pencil that counts.  Only when the “lead is out” does the pencil do what it was made to do.

Christians require a painful sharpening from time to time to help us get “the lead out.”  Sometimes that’s what it takes to get out what God has placed in you for the benefit of others.

Just like a pencil, let yourself be held in God’s hand. He will help you leave a redemptive mark on each surface you encounter.  pencil-short

Its Time To Act

God so loved the Earth that he gave his One and only Son as the Light of the world.

You are the pencil in the hand of a ready writer.

Its time to get the lead out.

More on the illustrative power of pencils – “The Parable Of The Pencil.”

APPLICATION: Who has seen the light from your life? Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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