A Bible Reading Plan for You

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A BIBLE READING PLAN FOR YOUIt’s the START that STOPS the average person.

Don’t get stopped at START.

Here are three things that have made a big difference in getting me STARTED everyday in reading the Bible.

1. Prioritize. First things should be first. Its so easy to become distracted. Before I read anything else, I read a portion of the Bible.

Just doing that reminds my spirit that the Bible is vital for my life.

2. Digitize. I use the Youversion Bible app on my smartphone.

Its free.

Its easy to use.

It makes the Bible handy. I can instantly access a couple of dozen versions if I want to see a verse from different angles.

I use a printed version of the Bible for study. I use a digital version for my morning devotional times.

The Youversion app also allows you to follow along with the message notes from North Pointe on Sundays. Search for “North Pointe” under live events.

3. Organize. I follow North Pointe’s reading plan. One obstacle to reading the Bible is, “What should I read?” A plan gives you a starting point everyday. Anything that eliminates obstacles from doing a good thing, is a good thing.

The North Pointe plan follows a 7 x 52 pattern. Seven Bible readings each week – Monday – Saturday.

So, be above average.

Get STARTED…today.

Get into the Bible and get the Bible into you.

Thursdays – October 8th – December 3rd  – “The Bible And You” – lift the value of the Bible to a higher level in your life at North Pointe.


You will:

  • understand why the Bible is the most modern book in the world.
  • gain a panoramic view of God’s story in the Bible.
  • become familiar with the major themes of the Bible.
  • have a greater interest in reading the Bible and gain more takeaways from your reading.
  • become familiar with ten vital portions of the Bible.
  • learn how to use online applications for study and devotion.

APPLICATION: Help start a trend of getting back to the Bible. Pass this on to a friend or leave a comment below.


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